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These drawings are actually porcelain sculptures

These drawings are actually porcelain sculptures

These drawings are actually porcelain sculptures

These pieces from Katharine Morling,  look like black and white drawings from a comic book but they’re actually ceramic sculptures made from clay and porcelain. Yep, these things aren’t just sketches or made from paper, they’re cheeky fun sculptures.

The Awesomer says Morling uses clay and porcelain to first shape the sculpture and then outlines the sculpture to make the visual illusion. See more of her work here.     (spolid)


Higgins – nude clay


Bryan Higgins  is a sculptor, ceramicist and professor of art, living and working in Oakland, CA.  He currently teaches ceramics at California State University and Ohlone College.

Higgins said:  “Both the raw clay surfaces and the weathered surfaces of atmospheric firing express for me the rich patinas of age and history through material.  In the perforated and girdered structures, I am exploring the dual nature of cages: that of protection and of confinement.

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Oh God Lord

Sabato 19 Marzo, è stato presentato un nuovo lavoro (in edizione limitata) dell’artista-designer Sebastian Errazuriz , l’opera si chiama, “Christian Popsicles”, che è stato servito in apertura della mostra alla galleria  R’Pure di New York.

Direi che la creatività non finisce mai di essere forte nel suo esprimersi ed ingegnosa nel crearsi.


Saturday, March 19, we presented a new work (limited edition) by artist-designer Sebastian Errazuriz , the work is called, “Christian Popsicles”, which was served at the opening of the exhibition at  R’Pure di New York .

I would say that creativity never ceases to be strong in its expression and create the ingenious.