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Paris VS NY

Qualche mese fa avevo pubblicato un video legato alle differenze che si potevano trovare paragonando parigi e new york, oggi voglio proporvi un’altro “video paragone” ( di queste due caratteristiche città, buona visione!




The Spare Room – Hollywood

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The Spare Room is a modern day gaming parlour and cocktail lounge, situated on the mezzanine level of the hotel. The Spare Room features two vintage bowling lanes, custom and eclectic furnishings, and unique surfaces and textures which convey a handcrafted, timeless feel. The newest addition to the Roosevelt’s property provides unparalleled amenities to not only hotel guests, but is also a unique destination for Hollywood’s architects of influence. Spare Room Wednesdays from 8pm-10pm features ½ price bowling and select drink and food specials Reservations are encouraged: Via e-mail, or 323.769.7296

Operating hours are Monday open from 7pm-2am, Wednesday-Saturday 8pm-2am.
For reservations, special events and inquires please call 323-769-9296, or send an email to:

LA Hotel

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Mandarin Oriental/ Camelia Restaurant – Paris

Guests enter a cocoon of exclusivity where white dominates with its timeless and absolutely chic quality. This is the blank canvas created for Thierry Marx’s exploration of the link between the technical and the emotional of cuisine in sight, sound and taste. With each dish he aims for a profound personal response.

Every detail of the design by Jouin-Manku compliments the sensory experience. Artist Heidi Winge Strom has created an impression of surrounding white clouds on the walls; in the centre is a light well encasing an elliptic crystal seemingly suspended in midair. Each piece of the white and gold porcelain service is an haute couture jewel.

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Creative-Café in London (Greenwich)

Temporary Movement Café and performance space built next to the DLR station in Greenwich, South East London. It was constructed in 16 days to be ready for the opening of the Olympics.

The Café was designed by British designer and artist Morag Myerscough and he collaborated with poet and tweeter Len Sissay.

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Italy Vs London

1. Hotel Villa San Michele: Florence, Italy


 TIME FOR TEA: Londond (Shoreditch).

Questo splendido posticino ricco di qualsiasi arredamento d’epoca, riporta agli anni 40.

Tutto richiama a quel tempo dai fantastici proprietari ed i loro baffi e boccoli, al servizio al tavolo.

Ovviamente ne fa un grande piacere il fatto che si possano far entrare i cani, quindi gli amanti dei quattrozampe sono i benvenuti.