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Ci vuole un sacco di tempo per conoscere veramente qualcuno..

“It takes a lot to know a man
It takes a lot to understand
The warrior, the sage
The little boy enraged

It takes a lot to know a woman
A lot to understand what’s humming
The honeybee, the sting
The little girl with wings

It takes a lot to give, to ask for help
To be yourself, to know and love what you live with
It takes a lot to breathe, to touch, to feel
The slow reveal of what another body needs”


This is love

“You’ve wondered down a path I can’t explain
Have you seen her, the grass is greener
To let me pass you by would be a shame
If she’s your only then why you lonely?
Cos I’m the only one, who know the things you’ve done
I’m so good for you
We’re running out of time, two wrongs can make it right
Could I make you do”

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Wouldn’t you like to know?Trend Dabbs ft. Amy Stroup

“Una melodia dai toni leggeri che, accompagnata da belle voci e semplici strumenti, riesce a ricreare nella mente un paesaggio fatto di alberi e foglie  ormai ingiallite che cadono in un fiume solitario e silenzioso. Un paesaggio autunnale  che non vuole finire ma che continua a regalare il sole di un estate futura.”  R2

“A melody with a light tone and it’s accompanied by beautifull voices and simple musical strumental. all of this can create in you mind a landscape of trees and leaves that fall in a lake, a lonely lake where there is a deep silence where you can to met yourself and listen only your thinks.
It is Autumn time in that place and the impression is it never will change period but always it’ll give a marveluss sun.”  R2