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Come (back) to me

Dopo una lunga assenza carica di tantissime vicende e piccole storie eccomi tornare su questa splendida piattaforma che mi regala sempre cose nuove da leggere e nuove persone da conoscere tramite le loro foto ed i loro pensieri più intimi; ma non perdiamo tempo ed arriviamo subito al dunque…ecco a voi un canzone da poter canticchiare dove-come-quando-volete.

After a long absence full of stories and lots of little stories here I am back on this wonderful platform that gives me new things to read and learn from new people through their photos and their intimate thoughts, but do not waste time and get straight to the point here’s to you … a song you can sing-when-where-how you want.

Lily & Madeleine – Come to Me 

con una base ritmica ripetuta, come il cuore di un innamorato, questa canzone si sviluppa in maniera quasi eterea con le due voci di Lily e Madeleine che donano dolcezza ed armonia angelica alla sonorità “soffice” di questo brano che si presenta come spartiacque con le musiche”elettroshock” attuali.  Lil e mad, (cosi si fanno chiamare) grazie al loro Ooh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-ooh (che credo ripeteremo mille volte dope averlo ascoltato) regalano un po’ di calore a chi ascolta queste parole…

with a repeated rhythmic base, as the heart of a lover, this song is spread in an almost ethereal with the two voices of Lily and Madeleine who donate angelic sweetness and harmony to the sound “soft” in this passage that presents itself as a watershed with the music “electroshock” current. Lil and mad, (so they call themselves) through their oh-ooh oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-ooh (repeat a thousand times that I have listened to dope) give a little ‘heat to those who hears these words …

if your heart is burning like a sun,if it beats that you will to run, if it takes living everyone, would you come to me“.

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Phoenix rebirth

I’m back with some new songs for you, so LISTEN UP!! ……and leave a comment.

For the first choice i’ve decided to bring to your attention this young guy because i think is a great songwriter.
Born 1990 in Shreveport, Louisiana – Dylan LeBlanc has a capacity to give a sense of calm and deepness of emotions by his sound. (

Dubmood is a Swedish composer and producer of electronic, pop, rock and dance music; When are you listening his songs it’s seems to be in a video game like “Super Mario” but with a electronics rhythms.   (

Niki & The Dove are a Swedish indietronica duo from Stockholm, formed in February 2010. it’s a fusion of differents way of sound and sometimes it easy to think that are wrong assembled but this is the creativity of this group. think left and do it “right”.  in  this case i’ve decide to put a live version because it’s impressive interpretation. ( Howler is an indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. in this track it’s possible to find surf rock (style ’50), and also it’s a strong, decisive and powerfull mix of plural gender of music from rock world  (

Deptford Goth is a solo artist from PeckhamDaniel Woolhouse’s winning mix of spectral R&B and dubstep pop is worth a listen – just don’t expect Bauhaus meets Burial. in this music there is a contrapposation between slow sensation and strong liberation of music’s power.
This opposition give best emotions  you can have when you are listening a song. (

Thomas Azier is an electronic-pop ar tist based in Berlin. Early in 2012 he released his debut. I love the compact form of pop this music.  This song has different layers as a listener, you can go through those layers but you can also choose to stay on the pop surface  (

Leon T. Pearl (vocals, music).

Ellie Goulding after soothing us with a live acoustic cover of Calvin Harris’s “I Need Your Love,”  changes pace by releasing “Burn.” pop dance music.

Icona Pop the last  2 dance fantastic music &

Mix’s May 2013

il mix dele canzoni per mese di Maggio 2013.

come non resistere a cantare Joanna.  /   how can you resist to sing joanna?  / ¿Cómo resistirse a cantar joanna? /

soffice sapore parigino / soft Parisian flavor / suave sabor parisino

About Wayne “Il gruppo nasce a Roma nell’aprile 2008 partecipano a diversi festival importanti, come l’Heineken Jammin Festival Contest. Ad aprile 2011 esce il disco d’esordio, RUSHIM.

About Wayne” The group was born in Rome in April 2008, participating in several major festivals, such as the Heineken Jammin Festival Contest. In April 2011 he released debut album, RUSHIM.

celtic melody

pop song

italian girl’s style

sweden style