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Sarò sincero, ho sempre avuto un debole per le The Pierces, mi ricordo che ascoltai per la prima volta nel 2008 una loro canzone “Secret” che è stata spesso assecondata a telefilm molto famosi. dall’inzio quello che mi aveva colpito di queste due voci femminili era la vocalità leggera che utilizzavano a sfondi musicali estremamente caratteristici; nel caso di “Creation” siamo di fronte ad un inno quasi religioso che si dirama in un vero richiamo al far west americano….un bicchiere di caffè americano, la camerira col grembiule che prende le ordinazioni e fuori dal bar un sole che scalda l’asfalto domata da un gruppo di centauri accaldati.   Vocalità corali che si mixano perfettamente alle tonalità  folk-pop rock che portano l’ascoltatore a sentire una melodia armonica, serena e nel contempo decisa.          |             I’ll be honest , I’ve always had a soft spot for The Pierces , I remember that I heard for the first time in 2008, their song “Secret ” which has often been seconded to show very famous. dall’inzio what struck me these two female voices was the voice that used to light musical backgrounds highly characteristic ; in the case of ” Creation ” we are faced with an almost religious hymn that branches into a call to the American west …. a cup of coffee , the camerira apron that takes the orders out of the bar and a sun heats the asphalt tamed by a group of centaurs overheated .  Choral vocals are mixed perfectly with the folk- pop rock tone that lead the listener to hear a harmonic melody , serene and at the same time decided.    |

Phoenix rebirth

I’m back with some new songs for you, so LISTEN UP!! ……and leave a comment.

For the first choice i’ve decided to bring to your attention this young guy because i think is a great songwriter.
Born 1990 in Shreveport, Louisiana – Dylan LeBlanc has a capacity to give a sense of calm and deepness of emotions by his sound. (

Dubmood is a Swedish composer and producer of electronic, pop, rock and dance music; When are you listening his songs it’s seems to be in a video game like “Super Mario” but with a electronics rhythms.   (

Niki & The Dove are a Swedish indietronica duo from Stockholm, formed in February 2010. it’s a fusion of differents way of sound and sometimes it easy to think that are wrong assembled but this is the creativity of this group. think left and do it “right”.  in  this case i’ve decide to put a live version because it’s impressive interpretation. ( Howler is an indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. in this track it’s possible to find surf rock (style ’50), and also it’s a strong, decisive and powerfull mix of plural gender of music from rock world  (

Deptford Goth is a solo artist from PeckhamDaniel Woolhouse’s winning mix of spectral R&B and dubstep pop is worth a listen – just don’t expect Bauhaus meets Burial. in this music there is a contrapposation between slow sensation and strong liberation of music’s power.
This opposition give best emotions  you can have when you are listening a song. (

Thomas Azier is an electronic-pop ar tist based in Berlin. Early in 2012 he released his debut. I love the compact form of pop this music.  This song has different layers as a listener, you can go through those layers but you can also choose to stay on the pop surface  (

Leon T. Pearl (vocals, music).

Ellie Goulding after soothing us with a live acoustic cover of Calvin Harris’s “I Need Your Love,”  changes pace by releasing “Burn.” pop dance music.

Icona Pop the last  2 dance fantastic music &